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This is a summary of 1984 till now


I was stationed at Baumholder military base 1979 – 1981, that is where I met my friend Jutta. She lived near St. Wendal in a little town. I was then sent to Fort Hood Texas for 2 years. I returned to Germany in 1983 because Jutta sent me a photo of a baby girl and said that I was the father. She learned where I was through the military. Later, her job one day phoned the house looking for her because she had not been to work for a week. Her father drove around looking for her in the town, and found her at her girlfriends house were they were having sex with other solders. He brung her home and then everyone started to argue. That is when Jutta said that Denise was not my daughter. She look bad in the town because she had a baby by a solder and the father was not there. She knew that I would return so she contacted me. I started to cry. She cursed me then told her father in German, that I came to take his only granddaughter back to America. He turned on me and put me out of the house. He (Karl) never much liked me after I refused to pass out Jehovas Witness books with him. I had no money, no food, no way home. The Red Cross said they could not help me. The American Consulate said they could not help. Most people spoke English but they could not help me. I had to work for other people to earn money to return to America.

Back in America I obtain a good job, but I was once again with the wrong people. I was present when a another young man from the neighborhood committed a robbery, and because I did not tell the judge what happened, I too was sent to prison. If I had told what I had seen, then I would have been a snitch and my family would not be safe.

While I was in prison in America in 1985, the FBI and the German Police and Prosecutor came to America in 1985 to ask me questions about a murder, but they never show me a photo. I answer questions for 3 or 4 days and then nothing. They come again in 1989 for blood and urine for DNA, and then I hear nothing else until 2007 March when the FBI come to my job and arrest me. When I tell the Federal Judge what happened in 1985 and 1989, they investigated and bring me back to Federal Court in 2007 November. They learn about the investigation in the past and the DNA that was not a match.

The Federal Court sent me to my sisters house 2007 November because I had lost everything. But they also said that because of the Peace Treaty with Germany, they would have to extradict me when the hearing came. 2008 I gave blood again to the Germans. DNA does not change I argued.

2009 August I came to Germany, the German take my blood again for DNA, then they take my blood again a few months later and tell me they lost the other sample. Each time they take 2 vials, that is 8 blood samples. It is like they try to make something match, because DNA does not change.

All of the evidence that showed it was not me, the prosecutor did not want to hear. Nichol´s diary showed we were together the night before, but the prosecutor say it was another Robert and not me. They only look at me again because my niece was caught at the Frankfurt Airport with hundreds of extasy pills. And while they interrogated her, they learn I am her uncle, a uncle from a cold case, a file that is unsolved. They laughed and joked with each other in the court room as if it was all a game. I felt like it was a bad dream and I would wake up. They said that they believe I worked for the government, and that that is why America did not want to send me to Germany.

Marpingen is the name of the town I was living in with Jutta and her father and mother.
The prosecutor say that they have no idea why I returned to Germany, they should have asked Jutta. I did not leave Germany because of a crime. I had to leave Germany to go home, because in Germany I had no home. I worked for people considered to be not good employers. I sold cigarettes, alcohol and food for these people and sometimes they would not pay me or they would threaten me. I can not remember names of places or exactly wher I was on certain days, but that is not evidence that I am guilty. The lawyer told me that since I can not remember where I was this date in 1984, that it made me look guilty. If my niece was not caught at the airport, then the file would still be open.

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