Gedicht aus dem Knast

Bible Study

Hell has surfaced on earth Isaiah 14:9
It seeks to take hold,
the leader of wholy light 2 Cor 1:14
seeks lonely souls to mold.
Many hearts do not know John 1:5
Because their eyes are upon the earth, luke 12:34
When eyes should be up above Col 3:2
On him we knew before birth.
God wants us to live in true light Ezekiel 15:32
To follow his given word 2 John 1:6
Seek nourishment fort he spirt Galatians 5:22-23
See the comparison with the bird. Matt 6:26
Take the time to seek and find
Use the light that´s truely divine
Think about the life to come
Think about when this one`s done
Time to chase the dust away
Look within, what does it say Isaiah 34:16
God is Love in purest form 1John 4:7-8
Make love today your daily norm. 2John 1:6

Amen Robert Brown

Das schreibt Robert aus der JVA Butzbach

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