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I pray so much

I pray so much, I pray in my sleep
At first it felt so strange
But then one day God said to me
Your new life I will arrange.
He said I´ll show you how to see
But not with open eyes
I will show you how to hear,
in the wind, .. the silent crys,
I will show you how to feel
The warmth from everyone
How to share the Love I gave
So radiant as the sun.
God talked about much and everything
It´s like time ceased to exist
His calm and graceful presence
No one could ever resist
I ask Heavenly Father why is it so
Hate spreads like a plaguing virus
It seems to seek nothing but chaos
Nothing but me, my, and us.
God said focus and not to worry
Purposes and time I do choose
I make the rules upon this proving ground
And no my son, I never lose.
So as you sleep I want you to know
That with God there is no debate.
Love conquers all, as you will see
Beause my light shines forever great.
Amen Robert Brown

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